Many people may not realize that if you install apple’s “public source” Darwin Streaming Server on to a mac running a normal version of OSX (not server), it really seems to install the exact same Quicktime Streaming Server software that comes with OSX Server (minus some UI tools). Well I found this out earlier this year when I installed DSS on my powerbook to play with streaming content to a Nokia 6620.

I subsequently forgot that it was installed on my powerbook until tonight when I wanted to run phpMyAdmin and I was getting errors because… QTSS has been running this whole time (oops).

Of course I didn’t remember what my username or password was for the QTSS, and I found that it was quite a pain to hunt town how to change it (doesn’t seem to be in the docs from apple), so I will post the method here for anyone else with this problem.

Open a terminal and enter:

sudo cat /Library/QuickTimeStreaming/Config/qtgroups

You will see something like:

admin: yourQTSSuser

Now to change the password enter:

sudo qtpasswd yourQTSSuser

You may now go to http://localhost:1220 with your new password and carry on.