After using "Podcast AV": for my first podcast and having a fairly painless experience, with the exception of having to manually write the final "XML": for the "RSS": feed, I thought I'd go out on a limb and try a new piece of software called "Podcast Maker": this time around. Podcast Maker was appealing because it's supposed to do everything from enhancement to writing the final XML all for you in a "GUI": interface. After fighting with Podcast Maker for 2 days, I decided that Podcast AV was the way to go... Podcast Maker seems to get into an infinate loop (problem in code where a process keeps repeating endlessly) on the "enhancing podcast" step which creates an mp3 file that just keeps growing until you have no more disk space - that's a long time when you have 70gigs free (I didn't want to force quit and lose all my work). Hopefully this was just some strange bug for me and they will have it figured out soon. Even after all the pain, I'll still probably try it again in the future - if it worked it would be _real_ nice. I created this PodGuide walking around Downtown Athens with a powerbook and a bluetooth headset. I think I had the input level turned up too high in the sound settings on the powerbook so it kept cracking up and I had to lower all the levels later and it's kinda quiet. I'm learning... more on some other mobile recording methods I've discovered in a later post. Use this link to subscribe to the PodGuide in "iTunes": "feed://":feed:// - Note this is an enhanced podcast, so it will only work with an iPod -