Been learning tons about podcasting, not only how to actually make podcasts and post them on the net so that our fans can listen, but also how important it is to have the right equipment and ideas.

I went out on a limb and used my bluetooth headset to record audio straight onto my powerbook and it worked well to an extent… I think this method has potential as a great way to podcast out in public without looking (too) crazy, at least you could get away with the excuse that you’re talking to some really good looking girl on the phone and she NEEDS a detailed description of everything you’re doing… I’ll keep telling myself that.

Audacity works great as an audio editor. I was surprised when I originally started out using GarageBand with it’s complexity; I didn’t think an apple product could actually be confusing. Audacity on the other hand was very easy to figure out.

After creating an audio file in Audacity, I exported it out to an mp3 (LameLib was required for mp3 export) and used Podcast AV to add all my pictures and chapters and export the m4b file that is an enhanced podcast.

With the mp3 and m4b flies created, I was practically finished, I threw together some XML so that people can subscribe and that was it!

-Sounds so easy right… some real tutorials can be found here – Normal mp3 podcast, and here – Enhanced m4b podcast.

You want to check out the finished product right??

For subscription in iTunes use this link:

-Note, I don’t think it’s possible to simply click on the link and have it open in iTunes… on a mac with Safari it will probably display as an RSS feed with a link to the file, on a mac with anything else it will probably download an XML file and open it in Safari, on a Windows PC I’m not sure, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you get a blue screen. Your best bet is to copy the address, go into iTunes and click Advanced >> Subscribe to Podcast, then paste the link there.

Or you could Simply Download the Enhanced Podcast – You might have to right click here and say save as… I’m not sure why its doing this. Also, it might save as motomojo.m4b.txt, if you remove the .txt it works fine… Again, no idea why its doing this – could just be me.

For those of you without iTunes, get it, or if you really want to miss out on the enhanced version with pictures, Download the mp3 version of the podcast.