It's come to my attention that people reading all about this cool mobile media stuff might actually like to know who this "Chris Martin" person really is... Well, if you haven't already googled me and discovered that I am the lead singer of the band "Coldplay": (nice iPod add look on the website) and I'm married to Gwyneth Paltrow, here's more about who I really am... Currently I am a 4th and 1/2 year student at the "University of Georgia": studying Management Information Systems and New Media. When I graduate in December I will have my BBA in MIS, New Media Certificate, and will have completed the NMI Mobile Media Scholar Program. I have always been interested in technology but I don't think I really come off as your typical "geek". In high school only my closest friends knew the real me and referred to me as a "closet-nerd" (they kept me around for help when they had problems with anything technical). Even in coming to University I still didn't quite embrace my full inner geekness and started off as an International Business major. It was only a matter of time however, and with the help of friends and the discovery of the New Media Institute, I fully embraced my love of computers and technology. I am a Gadget addict. I read blogs like "Gizmodo": and "Engadget": nearly religiously, always wondering what's new and how will the world accept and change because of new technology. The NMI has been my greatest discovery at the University of Georgia because it lets me explore and create uses for gadgets and technology that I would never be able to afford otherwise. Also, I have found classes that I am passionate about and actually _like_ doing the work because it is challenging yet also fun and creative. I am the kind of person that likes to look at things that people say can't be done and ask "why not?" and the NMI lets me do that. Last semester no one thought that video could be pulled off the internet onto a phone without a carrier's help, but we did it and created a great project in the process. These are my types of study, where the professors don't tell you how to do something, they ask *you* how you did it. I'm looking forward to this Mobile Media Adventure, I will be posting many things on this blog that will make you wonder, "Wow, how did they do that?" Ask... and I'll tell you. Come back often, Chris Martin